How To Avoid Tooth Decay

Posted By on Jul 2, 2016 |

Everyone wants to have a perfect smile that they could show off. In order to achieve that perfect pearly white teeth, you have to fix even a little dentistry problem. Generally, you have to provide special effort in taking care of your teeth after it had been treated. The following are general tips you can follow in taking care of it.

If you want to keep your teeth from being vulnerable to decay, you must use the ultrasonic scalers cautiously because improper use of it around the margins of the dentist crowns can cause damage to your restored teeth.

Avoid drinking too much. Large alcohol consumption could damage the direct bonding on the porcelain veneers on your teeth.

Always use a mouth guard whenever you engaged yourself in sports.

 Your dentist would most likely to recommend toothpaste for the remaining natural portion of your teeth and some tips in taking care of it. Make sure you query about it.

As much as possible, avoid biting hard objects such as ice. Whenever you grind your teeth, always use a night guard.

If you have a restored or porcelain component, avoid polishing devices that use a heavy spray of sodium bicarbonate. It can break the glaze and slowly roughen the surface. Although the result would look great after use, it could start deteriorating that would eventually lead to staining.


Always remember that not all maintenance procedures that work well with the natural teeth also works well with porcelain composites. If you decide to have an appointment with a new dentist, make sure to tell him that you’ve had history in cosmetic dental work done before they begin their work.

Avoid using hydroflouric acid when using flouride treatments as it can cause damage to the porcelain dentist crowns and it can even slowly break the surface glaze. It is highly recommended that any treatments that you should use must contain a neutral flouride only.

If you don’t want to have scratches, do not use a regular pumice polish as it would eventually cause erosion. If you want, you can use an aluminum oxide instead.

The most basic advice that you’ve probably been hearing since you were a little kid is to brush your teeth. About two times a day is enough, right after the meal. It is highly advisable to use a toothbrush with soft bristles as it cannot damage your gums.

It is also highly recommended to visit your dentist every now and then especially if you have dental problems and bleeding gums.

Whitening your teeth is just normal, but it can strip off enamel if you just go around and pick around products that promises a white teeth after use. Before you buy anything else, make sure you have visited your dentist and had asked about these teeth whitening products before finally purchasing it.

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