Where do you usually see Wheelchairs?

Posted By on Jun 14, 2016 |

Wheelchairs can be seen anywhere and it depends on what situation that it is needed. But the usual purpose of it is to help any person who is having a problem with their body or health and they need a wheelchair if they are having difficulty walking. This is going to be easier for them to be taken to a place that they need to be. The people who are usually using wheelchairs are the totally disabled, persons with injury and the senior folks who cannot stand on their own. And if you are wondering where you may usually see wheelchairs, here are just some of them:

In the hospitals

It is in the hospitals where you will usually see wheelchairs. Wheelchairs will be utilized when a sick patient having difficulty walking needs to be taken to a laboratory test room. It can be used by a pregnant woman who just delivered a child. Elders who are in the hospitals may also use wheelchair. It can be standard or light wheelchairs that can be used in the hospitals.

Personal wheelchair at home

There are totally disabled persons who will need personal wheelchair at home. It can be electric or manual light wheelchairs that they can choose based on the needs of the patient or the person who will use it. In cases that a disabled person would like to control the wheelchair on their own, there is an option that they can choose an electric wheelchair. Those must be easy to maneuver so there will be no difficulty when they need to move.

Any kind of clinic

You will see light wheelchairs on different kinds of clinic that you may be visiting. For an instance, a patient is in a small clinic but then they need to be taken out and should be brought to a hospital, wheelchair must be utilized by the patient so they can easily ride the ambulance that will be taking them. It is important that clinics have this for emergency purposes.


School clinics must have light wheelchairs or standard wheelchair to aid their students in case of emergency. Like sprained foot of a student who is playing basketball or football and because of that they cannot walk, wheelchair should be present for them to use it and be taken to the hospital or clinic for any first aid or treatment. This is important for the sense of urgency.

Buildings or offices

It is also important that buildings or offices have wheelchair in case they have employees having extreme health problems while in the office or building. This might be only rare but it is still important that they have light wheelchairs or standard wheelchair when there are employees cannot stand and walk because of their condition.

Wheelchairs are important and good thing it was invented for easy mobility. light wheelchairs are easy to handle and very helpful. They can be foldable for easy storage inside the hospital, clinics, schools or any places that it should be available.